Vasily, R7al

DXCC and IOTA-chaser, but the main interest are the island expeditions. Was active from EU-066, 117, 133, 162, 180, 185, also some RRA islands and number of RDA districts. He was made his first CW QSO when he was only 10.


An experienced "sea wolf", sailor for over the 40 years.. 


An old but trusty Mitsubishi Pajero'98. This SUV, owned by R6AL, has made more than 6300km. with 4 passengers and 300+kg of luggage. Total mileage is almost 420000km among roads and offroad.

Toly, R7CQ

Active ham-operator for over the past 20 years...since he was 14.    Previous ones are: EU-162, RRA, RFF and RDAs. Very positive guy and great partner. Toly was our main SSB operator. 


vasily, r7aa

A top DX-er and contester with 338 dxcc and 2800+ for Challenge. He has activated more then 30 differen RRA and IOTA islands....     A chief of the RT6A contest station.


dmitriy, the skipper

Our brave captain 



15 mtrs. long sailing yacht, water displacement - 16 tons. This unique vessel was build by Vladimir, Dmitriy and his father for 14 years!!! Trully a piece of art!

Vasily, R6AL

Leader, a heart and soul of our expeditions.       Previously was on EU-066, 117, 133, 162, 180, 185.

Main Antennas and Technical support.

"alekseich"petr. fitter

Tnanks so much for great hospitality on the island!!!

zil 131